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The modern capital houses of wood and other natural materials.

EcoDom is a building company  engaged in designing and promoting  new technologies in the field of construction of cottages from natural materials. Our specializations are cottage villages, the modern capital houses of wood and other natural materials and the full range of construction and repair services.

We are building high-quality  functional houses with unique architecture and design   characteristic of  us  alone using  ecologically pure materials.


Our approach

The EcoDom Company uses and combines various well-known modern construction technology. We have developed and successfully implemented our own technologies, which we are also proud and ready to offer you! 

Modern approach to design, using of traditional materials and our technology make it possible to save considerably in the construction and using of non-standard solutions and competent organization of the internal space of the house allows you to design the house of the desired area. 

Maybe, you even need a smaller area house than you think ...


What is an Eco-house?

Eco-House is a modern housing which builds from natural materials such as wood and shell rock. Beautiful cottages of ecologically clean materials - is not trend, it is a conscious choice in favor of an ideal houses for life. Comfort of a wooden house is first of all the heat, the freshness and the optimal humidity of indoor air pollution.


Heat-capacity wooden walls so high that has no equal among other materials. That's why heating of the houses is much cheaper. The walls of wooden houses "breathe". Just for the day updated for more than 30% of the air practically without heat loss. They are perfectly outputs the accumulating in the house of steam and did not allow them to condense on the inside surface, which exclude the freezing. 

During the construction of eco-houses we are also paid a great attention to its future exploitation. The EcoDom Company uses the latest heating system – “heat pump”. We build walls that keep heat and supply them with large windows that overlook the maximum sunlight, which saves on electricity and heating. 

Now such houses are building in the Kharkov region in the cottage "Oleshki”  (6 km from Kharkov. Turn on the resort "Rosha" Poltava direction). 

The idea and conception

Modern house is not only an area, it is aesthetics, comfort, convenience of using and functionality.

In our projects we try to realize the best views of the ideal human habitation. The EcoDom Company designs and builds  warm secure houses that do not require frequent repairs, which are easy and cheap to heat, houses that have their own unique style. Our homes are nice and comfortable to live!


We offer an extremely rational approach to designing the interior of houses, use a smooth sleek facade and panoramic windows. Using of curved forms of the roof creates a distinctive silhouette of the houses and the additional internal volume ceilings in our houses are the same profile of the roof. 

The professionals of the EcoDom Company will be pleased to take over the work of any complexity. 

Contact us today and you will get the ready house in already 8 months! 

Building a new house is a serious, important and positive event! And now it is the time to do it. Because  except an excellent result, the construction of houses will bring into your life new meaning, favor and fun!

 If you look about environmental, safety and European lifestyle, stop your choice on us!