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Ventilated wall EcoDom


A unique patented technology, proprietary product of the "EcoDom" company

Description of the technology


The construction offers a reasonable compromise in the choice of material - wood and stone.

If done correctly, you can not shell rock masonry plaster, this house will give a special flavor and will save on finishing works

For the construction we use natural stone shell rock *, mineral insulation 50mm or 100 mm, dry and profiled bar with section 180 * 40 mm which is attached to the facade.

Thus it turns out that the stone bearing wall has a thickness of 200 mm, is substantially (more than 2-fold) reduces the weight of the house and basement.


*- shell rock may be substituted for any material (porous ceramic, brick, aerated concrete)


Effective thermal resistance  reaches with 3 components:

1. Application mineral insulation

2. Wooden facade, which also prevents heat loss

3. Thanks to the special design of fixtures such a wall will always be dry and therefore warm.

The application shell rock ensures perfect microclimate in the house, and the wooden facade will make your home completely indistinguishable from the wooden one.

Today this wall construction is one of the most effective for heat savings. It is also one of the most affordable options - from 600grn. per m2 of the wall.

This technology is patented.




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