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projects/43-1.jpg Проект 43 Square 280 м2
projects/37pr01.jpg Проект 37 Square 205 м2
projects/35pr04.jpg Проект 35 Square 155 м2
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The construction works are made by skilled and friendly collective. The group of workers is formed of the experts on different building professions due to what the concepts of interchangeability and universality are formed. To obtain new experience and skills, material well-being and friendly climate of the team are the main motivation of the craftsmen of your house.

1. You choose the plan of the house.

While choosing the plan of the house you may use a mass scale house plan which is suggested by the construction company or to recruit famous designers who will realize the dreams and wishes of the customer.

2. Bridging of the project to the location

At this stage one should decide where will the basic constructions be located: pergolas, children’s playgrounds, garages, swimming pools. In order to adapt the project to the certain area, one should make the chemical soil analysis, determine the influence of the underground and flood waters, to define the amount of the precipitation on the very house.

3. Creation of the preliminary structural drawings and cost estimates
On the basis of the object’s analysis results forms preliminary structural drawing on the assumption of which we draw up the estimate of expenditures and necessary equipment. Before the beginning of the construction works one must process legal bearings of the house building – to get a planning permission.

4. Foundation laying

Foundation is a supporting structure of the whole house. The foundation’s depth occurrence and the choice of the materials for its building is estimated by the geodetic characteristics of the soil, construction and building materials for the future dwelling.

5. Walling

At the present time the issue of heat preservation which should be solved while choosing the material for walling and ceiling comes in the first place. The walls must meet the requirements of the modern standard specifications of soundproofing, refractoriness and also the walls must be rugged and longeval. While choosing the material for walls one also should take into consideration that the house mush organically fit the scenery and the buildings which surround the house.

6. Healing

  The roof is the defense of the building against the precipitations. Moreover the roof is the important part of the construction’s design. It can completely change its look – form modern or medieval style of the building, make it visually higher.

7. Arrangement of installation

On this stage the internal network of water supply and sewerage and the heat network are build.

8. Finishing work

Finishing works starts from the preparation of all surfaces of the fine finish which is stipulated by the plan design project.

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