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New projects

projects/43-1.jpg Проект 43 Square 280 м2
projects/37pr01.jpg Проект 37 Square 205 м2
projects/35pr04.jpg Проект 35 Square 155 м2
Sale department:

Kiev, Kiev Svyatoshinsky district, the LCD "The Seagull", Lobanovskiy 26
+38(098) 325-84-04

Kharkiv, Kosmicheskaya str. 21,
room 1002

+38(091) 916-85-79


Or it is even may be called completion. What do we mean under these words? The freezed building, the landslide of prices for housing and ground areas makes the Kharkiv citizens search for alternatives. That is why the demand for the small housing houses raises or for the ramshackle house with the ground area. Namely of these houses the specialists of our company make “the candy”: enlarge the area of the building, secure the bearing walls and we never go far from the “Ecodom’s” main moto – the materials must be natural, fine and pure.

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